Spring Into Giving! Blood Drive at Garfield Medical Center

Garfield Medical Center will be hosting our first blood drive of the year on Wednesday, April 29th. To address the ongoing blood supply shortage in our community, we are hosting a series of blood drives this year in partnership with American Red Cross and Garfield Medical Center. Last year, we held two successful blood drives, bringing in over 200 donors from the community to help our cause!

Did you know?

  • Your gift of blood may help up to three people.
  • A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.
  • Donated red blood cells do not last forever. They have a shelf-life of up to 42 days.
  • A healthy donor may donate every 56 days.

Donating blood is a simple thing to do, but can make a big difference in the lives of others. The donation process from the time you arrive until the time you leave takes about an hour. The donation itself is only about 8-10 minutes on average.

Join us for food and a chance to win gift cards from Chevron gas, Nordstrom, and more!

The Blood Drive will take place from 6:45am-7:15pm at 605 Garfield Ave, In-Service Classrooms (2 nd Floor)

Unsure if you are able to donate blood? Visit the American Red Cross page for more information.

To schedule your donation time:

Call 626.312.2272

Go to and enter sponsor code: Garfield

For more information on the Blood Drive, please call 626.312.2272.