Maintaining Healthy After-Sun Skincare

With the sun shining brighter and temperatures rising, summer must be here. As the season settles in, many flock outdoors to enjoy the warm weather and the time away from work or school. While the beach may beckon or the pool may be begging for a cannon ball, protecting your skin against the sun’s harsh UV rays is important—even after you apply sunscreen.

If you don’t maintain health after-sun skincare, you could suffer skin damage and other issues. Many individuals know how to prepare before their fun in the sun, but they rarely care for their skin afterwards. At Garfield Medical Center, we want you to stay safe this summer. That is why we list some helpful tips on how to care for your skin after some quality time outdoors.

After-Sun Tips

  • Cool down – Whether you were by the beach or out and about in the sun, cooling off is essential to both your comfort and your skin’s health. An easy way to do this is to take a cool shower. The cold water helps reduce your body’s temperature. Not near a show? No worries. You can also mist your face and body with cool water for the same effect.
  • Stay hydrated – Just like your skin, your body needs water too. The sun causes you to perspire, which can cause dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water. This will keep you comfortable and prevent your skin from drying out.
  • Moisturize – After some fun in the sun, it is important that you moisturize your skin. If you play by the beach or in the pool, you will especially need some lotion. Salt, sand, and chlorine can all cause your skin to dry out and crack.
  • Protect against burns – For individuals with paler skin, sunscreen may not work against a sunburn. If you do end up with sunburnt skin, it is important to care for it properly. Shea butter, aloe vera, and other ingredients help moisturize the burn, which can minimize irritation and enhance healing.
  • Exfoliate – Do you have dry or peeling skin after your time outdoors? Exfoliate your face and body with a quality scrub. This will remove dead cells and leave skin feeling new and fresh.

Taking proactive steps to prevent skin damage is the best medicine. We hope these tips help you unwind after your time in the sun and prevent unwanted damage to your skin.

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